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Marilyn Beede has loved horses all her life.

More stuff here about Marilyn - number of years around horses, mucks out a stall with the best of them, folksy but not condescending - use humour.

Now she has realized the ream of owning her own stables.

How she found the stables and bought them, discovered the problems and acted quickly to fix them.

It has been a rather rocky road starting out - the challenges were many but she rose to the occaision, and persevered.

Findng out that the barn was not in top shape, the first thing she did was to practically gut it, moving horse from one section to anpother, while having proper insulation and a stat-of-the-art ventilation system installed.

Now on those frosty winter days, the heated barn does not fog up with condensation, but stays toasty and dry for the comfort of both the horses and their owners.

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(This would be Photos of Marilyn, Indy, life around the barn, etc.)